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Meats - Texas Style Brisket, Pulled Pork, Shredded Chicken, Chopped Beef Brisket, Burnt Ends, St Louis Style Ribs, Half Smoke Sausage, Chicken Drumsticks

Sides - Collard greens, cowboy beans, country potato salad, creamy cole slaw, elote corn, baked mac & cheese.

Sauces - Hog (sweet & tangy), Texas Twister (smokey sweet), Gold Rush (sweet blend of mustards), Classic Carolina vinegar, Redneck White (mayonnaise & chili flakes)

12 Person minimum for all catering packages.

Pee Wee's Little Snack $11 per person

Pulled Pork

1 Side

1 Sauce


Cherry Forever's Chicken Plate $12 per person

Shredded Chicken & Chicken Drummies

2 Sides

2 Sauces


Lassie's Lunch $15 per person

Pulled Pork & Shredded Chicken

3 Sides

2 Sauces


Balbricker's Brisket $18 per person

Texas Style Beef Brisket & Chopped Beef Brisket

3 Sides

2 Sauces


The Mega Meat $24 per person

Texas Style Beef Brisket, St. Louis Style Ribs

Shredded Chicken & Pulled Pork

3 Sides

3 Sauces



Bulk Meats

Pulled Pork per pound                       $16

Shredded Chicken per pound          $14

Chopped Beef per pound                  $18

Burnt Ends per pound                        $28

Beef Brisket per pound                      $28

Ribs - Full rack                                     $30

Half Smoke by the link                       $6

Chicken Drumsticks - Each                $1.50

Bulk Sides by the half tray

Baked Mac & Cheese     $30

Collard Greens                 $25

Cowboy Beans                  $25

Creamy Cole Slaw            $25

Country Potato Salad       $25

Elote Corn                          $30

Corn Bread Muffins each $1


Baked Mac & Cheese and Elote Corn are an additional $.50 per person each

Plate and Cutlery     $.50 each

Wire Chaffing Dish with water pan and 2 each 6 hour Sterno's     $15 each

Slider Buns       $6 per dozen

Sauces        8oz $3, 16 oz $5

Hog, Texas Twister, Gold Rush, Classic Carolina, Redneck White